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Dojo Rules

1. Be punctual to all scheduled training sessions. You must notify the instructor as soon as possible if you will be more than 15 minutes late, or you won't be admitted into training.


2. Obtain the instructors permission before training begins if you must leave early.


3. Karate-ka must wear a traditional white karate gi to all training sessions. Temporary members may wear comfortable clothing.


4. Karate-gi must be kept clean and in good repair.


5. Upon arrival at the Dojo change quickly and be ready for training.


6. Do not stand around idly talking in the Dojo, especially when in Karate-gi.


7. Karate-ka must keep their bodies clean, and finger and toe nails trimmed.


8. Do not wear  jewelry or other sharp objects while training.


9. Do not chew gum or food while training.


10. Follow the instructions of your karate seniors (sempai) as well as the instructor.


11. Practice only those techniques that have been formally presented by the instructor.


12. Always seek to practice with higher ranking karate-ka.


13. Remain quiet and attentive when not training.


14. Karate-ka must always be courteous and helpful to each other.


15. Help to clean the Dojo floor before each training.


16. Know when and how to perform the appropriate standing or sitting bow.


17. Be serious and attentive to the spirit of Karate. Emphasize etiquette equally along with physical skills and fighting spirit.


18. Learn the Dojo Kun's meaning and purpose and be able to say it in Japanese.


19. Karate-ka not training should stand when classes begin and end.

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